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What are Fragrance Notes?

Discover the Power of Fragrance Notes

Discover the Power of Fragrance Notes

You can create the perfect atmosphere with scented candles, but do you know what all those different scent notes mean? In this blog we explain to you what fragrance notes are and how you can make optimal use of them in your interior.

Fragrance composition

Just like a piece of music, our luxurious scented candles, room sprays and scented sticks also have different notes that together form the harmony of the whole. These 'fragrance notes' are divided into three layers; top notes, middle notes and base notes.

Top notes

The first impression of the scent. You smell these scents first when you light the candle. They determine the initial association with the scent, but fade into the background after a few minutes.

Heart notes

The true character of the scent. These complex and intense scents form the heart and soul of the scent and determine the long-lasting scent experience.

Base notes

The long-lasting temptation. These heavy and deep scents form the basis of the scent composition and ensure that the scent remains in the room for a long time, even when the candle is not burning.

Powerful Combinations

By combining different scent notes you create unique scent experiences. Be inspired by our exclusive scents and discover the scent that suits you and your interior perfectly.

Tips from Marjolein

  • Read the scent descriptions: Pay attention to the description and scent notes to know what scents to expect.
  • Combine scents: Create unique scent combinations by combining different scents.
  • Place scented candles in the right place: Place your scented candle in a place where the scent can spread well and you can enjoy it optimally.
  • Burn scented candles safely: Always observe safety precautions for a pleasant and safe experience.

You are ready to discover the world of luxurious, sustainable scented candles, room sprays and scented sticks! Enjoy long-lasting strong scent experiences and experience the power of aromatherapy in your own home.

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Scented Candle Lavender - Chamomile-6oz rings
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