Glass cream spray bottles

At Roeloffs we stand for quality and sustainability.

One of our conscious choices is the use of glass cream spray bottles. Why did we make this sustainable choice?

1. Preservation of fragrance quality

Black glass provides better protection against external factors such as sun and light, which is essential for maintaining the quality of room sprays. Our glass atomizers ensure that your favorite scents last longer and retain their wonderful aromas.

2. Environmentally friendly

Glass is fully recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss of quality, helping to reduce waste and conserve natural resources.

3. Aesthetic value

Glass adds a touch of elegance and luxury to our room spray collection. In addition to being functional, the black glass bottles are also a stylish addition to your interior, giving our products a premium look.

4. Safety and health

Glass is inert and does not release harmful substances into the contents of the bottle, which guarantees the purity of our cream sprays and ensures safe use.

5. Reusable

We encourage the reuse of our glass bottles, which promotes sustainability and minimizes waste. After use, you can clean the bottle and reuse it for other purposes.

At Roeloffs we strive for a conscious and responsible approach to our products. Our choice of glass bottles for the room sprays reflects our commitment to a better environment and high-quality products.

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