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Sustainable at Roeloffs Candles & Home Decor

What is so sustainable about Roeloffs Candles products?

Let's dig into this in more detail!

Sustainable scented candles: Natural, craftsmanship, unique.

  • Natural wax: Our sustainable candles are made from rapeseed wax, which flourishes in European fields and improves the living conditions of the bees. It is a wax that is biodegradable and produced from a crop that is abundant and easily renewable.
  • Cotton wicks: Less smoke and less waste. Cotton wicks produce a stable and even flame which ensures efficient burning of the candle. Cotton is compostable, so after use it can be broken down and returned to nature, reducing the impact on waste streams.
  • Italian candle glass: Known worldwide for its craftsmanship and unparalleled quality. The glass is produced with sustainable materials and techniques.
  • Fragrance oils: The fragrances we use for our products are completely vegan, free of parabens and animal testing. High quality fragrance oils that we know have been extensively tested by the supplier and subjected to strict quality controls. This way we ensure that they comply with the applicable regulations. - Guaranteed quality for carefree enjoyment.

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Sustainable fragrance atomizers: Freshness and sustainability in 1.

  • Glass atomizers: Endless recycling with glass from Dutch soil. Does not let in light and sun, which protects the sensitive ingredients.
  • Organic alcohol: Produced according to organic farming principles, a contribution to biodiversity without genetically modified organisms. By choosing organic alcohol for our fragrance atomizers, we make a conscious choice for sustainability and contribute to a more ecologically responsible production process.

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Sustainable fragrance sticks: (mid 2024)

  • Vegan friendly diffuser base: Same ingredient but produced differently. On a completely vegan friendly basis without animal testing for ethical sustainable production.
  • Fiber straws: Synthetic and completely evenly scented. For a pleasant, reliable scent experience at home.

Sustainable home fragrances do not stop at the way we develop our products, we also contribute to a sustainable future by using raw materials within the European Union. In this way we reduce our ecological footprint, support European producers and stimulate local economies. European regulations guarantee quality and that is why we only use the best ingredients.

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