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Duurzame, luxe geurkaars in handgemaakte kaarspot voor innerlijke rust

Inspireer een langzaam en bewust leven

Roeloffs Candles & Home Decor believes in the importance of a slow and conscious life. Inspired by the slow-living concept and philosophy to bring calm, serenity and mindfulness into our daily busy lives, so that we can enjoy the things that are really important. Our handmade sustainable scented candles, luxurious scented glass candles, strongly scented room spray and handmade home accessories contribute to this. Through our unique scent experiences and minimalist home decoration, we offer you an unforgettable experience and enrichment in both your mind and your interior.

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  • Pure

    Peace and relaxation in a hectic world.

    Experience the power of purity and simplicity with our unique fragrance products and home accessories.

    A moment of peace in today's hectic world with our handmade scented candles and unique home accessories.

    "Invest in peace, relaxation and beauty."

  • Craftsmanship

    Unique works of art for your interior

    Handmade products that perfectly complement your interior. Experience the luxury of high-quality materials and timeless design.

    Handmade with love and a timeless design.

    "A unique work of art that adds a touch of tranquility and luxury to any room."

  • Durable

    Consciously choose sustainability

    environmentally conscious production in which we minimize the ecological footprint. Fair trade, we work with responsible suppliers.

    Timeless designs and make a statement.

    "Invest in the future with our sustainable products."

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Guiding principles

Slow down, Connect, Enjoy: Our inspiration behind every product

With every product we create, our inspiration is simple yet powerful: to promote a lifestyle of tranquility and harmony.

We believe in the importance of slowing down, connecting yourself to the moment and enjoying the little things in life. Each of our handmade products is infused with this philosophy, designed to not only beautify your home, but also strengthen your inner peace.

When you use our products, we invite you to pause, breathe and enjoy the here and now.

Unique scent experiences

Roeloffs Candles & Home Decor believes in the power of scent. Our luxurious and sustainable scented glass candles and scented composite candles offer an experience that your senses will not soon forget and take you on a journey of relaxation and well-being. Thanks to the complex aromas, our luxurious and sustainable scented candles create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.

Slow down together, step by step

Roeloffs Candles & Home Decor believes that small changes can have a big impact. We consciously choose sustainable vegan products that contribute to your well-being. Together we can slow down and enjoy life as it was meant to be: slow, connected and conscious.

Small company, personal attention

Personal attention is paramount. We strive to make every interaction with our customers unique and meaningful. From selecting the finest materials to carefully packaging each product, we cherish every detail to ensure your experience with us is special. As a customer, we see you as a valuable part of our community. Discover the difference of personal attention.

Vegan, sustainable and a small ecological footprint

Our products are not only good for your well-being. We ensure that all raw materials we use are vegan friendly and not tested on animals. Our suppliers are all in the EU, which means we minimize our ecological footprint. We strive to deliver pure craftsmanship that is not only beautiful to look at, but also good for the world we live in.


We emphasize that we comply with all European laws and regulations, such as the CLP regulation and the IFRA standards of the International Fragrance Association.
Safety is our top priority. We only use high-quality, certified materials and all our products are thoroughly tested before hitting the market. In addition, we provide clear instructions and warnings on our products and are always available to provide advice and support

E-book Inner Peace

Are you looking for more peace and tranquility in your life? I teach you how to achieve inner peace and how scents can help you with this.

Slow-living interieur tray met bloem

Handmade home accessories

Slow down, enrich & enjoy!

In a world that is moving faster and faster, it is more important than ever to create moments of peace.

Our handmade home decor is designed to help you slow down, connect with yourself and enjoy the simple things in life.

Our home accessories are a reflection of our values. slow living, artisanal quality and sustainability.

Experience handmade home decoration
Voorbeeld_luxe geurkaars 9oz handgemaakte kaarspot

Handmade scented candles

And by handmade, we also mean handmade. From pouring the pot to sticking the labels.

Handmade candle jars not only bring warmth and light, but also a feeling of authenticity and connection.

Experience the soothing joy of a candle that is more than just a source of light - it is a symbol of the beauty of slowing down and cherishing the moments that really matter.

Experience connectedness

An invitation to connect and slow down

In today's fast-paced world, where we are constantly bombarded with stimuli, discovering moments of calm, serenity and mindfulness is crucial to our health and well-being. Our carefully crafted scented candles and home accessories invite you to slow down, giving you the chance to relax and reconnect with the here and now. Discover how our products can help you find more peace and balance in your daily life. Read more...