The Magic of Our Sustainable Room Sprays

Discover the Magic of Our Long-lasting Strong Cream Sprays: How to Use and Why They're Essential.

Welcome to Roeloffs Candles & Home Decor, where we take you into the enchanting world of fragrance atomizers, better known as room sprays. Curious about what a cream spray is and how to use it optimally? I'm going to tell you that.

What is a Room Spray?

A room spray, or fragrance atomizer, is an effective and simple way to spread wonderful scents in your home. At Roeloffs Candles we use high-quality fragrance oils to create soothing and refreshing scents that will transform any space.

How do you use a room spray?

  • Shake the bottle: Before use, shake gently so that the fragrance oils mix well.
  • Spray in the air: Point the spray upwards and spread the wonderful scents into the air.
  • On textiles or curtains: Spray lightly on textiles for a long-lasting scent experience. Make sure you test this on a small (inconspicuous) piece first.

Why choose Roeloffs Candles & Home Decor?

  • The best fragrance oils: Our highly scented room sprays are formulated with the highest quality fragrance oils. These are paraben-free, vegan and not tested on animals.
  • Sustainable: Roeloffs strives for sustainability, from production to packaging. That's why our room sprays come in black glass atomizers and HDPE plastic.
  • Scents with a meaning: Discover a range of scents for your home. From soothing scents to energizing scents, we have the right scent for every occasion.

Discover the magic of scents for your home.

Whether you are looking for soothing scents for a relaxing atmosphere, scents that respond directly to your emotions or simply want to enjoy the freshness of a fragrance diffuser, at Roeloffs Candles you will find the perfect addition to your home. Discover our collection and be enchanted by the scents that transform your home.

You can shop our delicious room sprays here.

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