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Intuitive Awakening Collection

Roeloffs, your haven for beautiful home decoration that not only beautifies your home, but also nourishes your soul. At Roeloffs we believe in the importance of awakening and in the power of our intuition. That's why we're excited to introduce our exclusive 'Intuitive Awakening' collection, specially designed to support and inspire your spiritual journey.

Our 'Intuitive Awakening' collection includes an enchanting range of handmade home accessories that symbolize the process of awakening. Each piece is lovingly crafted and imbued with meaning, so that it not only enriches your interior, but also encourages a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Be enchanted by our zodiac sign coasters, which serve not only as practical home accessories, but also as reminders of the magic that lies in our universe. Each zodiac sign is depicted with care and attention, allowing you to enjoy the cosmic energy it represents every day.

Discover the serene beauty of our moon-shaped containers and bowls, which create a calming atmosphere in any room they are placed in. Be inspired by the cycles of the moon as you store your favorite jewelry, crystals or other prized possessions in these beautifully crafted pieces.

Add a touch of heavenly grace to your home with our angel wings, which symbolize protection, guidance and connection to the divine. Place them in a prominent place in your home and let them serve as a reminder of the angels who are always watching over you.

And don't forget to explore our beautiful tea light holders, which spread a warm glow and create a sense of calm and serenity in any room. Immerse yourself in the soft sparkle of candlelight as you allow yourself to slow down and enjoy the moment.

At Roeloffs we are more than just a home accessories store; we are a source of inspiration for slow living and consciousness. With our 'Intuitive Awakening' collection, we invite you to follow your inner compass and embrace your intuition as you transform your home into a sanctuary of tranquility and reflection. Discover the magic of our collection today and be taken on a journey of awakening and connection.

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