Vegan Friendly Producten bij Roeloffs

Vegan Friendly Products at Roeloffs

Vegan Friendly at Roeloffs Candles

Vegan Friendly at Roeloffs Candles

Veganism has grown enormously in recent years. Roeloffs Candles connects with these people by being very selective with the raw materials we use for our products.

Vegan candles: Our candles are 100% vegan. The candle wax we use is made from plant-based materials and is processed in a factory where only plant-based materials are used, including the wicks.

Vegan room sprays: These are based on vegetable alcohol, which dissolves best in the air without leaving stains on floors, surfaces or fabrics. We have carefully chosen alcohol extracted from plants, which is more environmentally friendly than alcohol from fossil fuels.

Vegan Diffuser: The manufacturing process of our diffuser base uses 99.5% glycerin obtained only from non-GMO vegetable oils and synthetic acetone. The oils are mainly rapeseed and sunflower oil. This ensures that no animal products or animal testing have been used during production.

The fragrance oils we use in our Vegan home perfume products are all vegan and free of parabens.

Good for the world, good for each other.

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