Room spray/interior perfume

Everything about Room spray/Interior perfume!

We will tell you everything you need to know about room sprays, including tips, applications and our room sprays that we make ourselves! Discover the best room sprays for your home and learn how to use them to create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

What is room spray?

Room spray is a liquid scent freshener that you can easily spray into the air so that you can immediately spread a fresh and pleasant scent in your home. Room spray is ideal for neutralizing unpleasant odors and creating a cozy atmosphere in any room of your home. [Learn all about Roeloffs cream spray]

Tastiest cream spray

Are you looking for the tastiest cream spray? Then view our collection or the recommendations below

  1. Inner Peace - Perfect for complete relaxation or during a meditation session.
  2. Cuban Dreams - A wonderful sultry masculine scent. Fresh citrus scents and warm woody and spicy notes.
  3. Serenity - Lavender and Chamomile provide ultimate relaxation.
  4. Healing - Use your power of scent to support you in the healing process. Bergamot, Jasmine & Patchouli will enlighten you.

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Interior spray

Interior sprays, known as room sprays, are designed to instantly improve the scent of your space. Easy to use to refresh any room.

How do you use room spray?

  • Shake bottle
  • Spray
  • To enjoy

Knowing more? Take a look at our aftercare page.

What is a good room spray?

A good room spray contains high-quality ingredients and offers a long-lasting strong scent. Our recommended room sprays are made with the finest ingredients and fragrance oils. In addition, they also ensure that you do not get dirty stains on your floor and you can use them as a linen spray. Did you know that the packaging of the cream spray also has certain properties? [Read here why we use glass cream spray bottles]

Interior perfume

Interior perfume is another word for room spray and is used to perfume the air in your home. Enjoy a pleasant scent experience and let scents contribute to your overall well-being.

Make room spray

We make our cream spray from scratch according to a unique recipe. We have fully developed and improved this into a strong, long-lasting cream spray recipe.

Whether you are looking for the tastiest room spray or want to know how to best use an interior spray, we offer you all the information you need. Explore our collection and enjoy a fresh and scented home! [Go to the collection]

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